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How do we not have debt and live in Kauai, Hawaii?

My husband and I are living the dream.  We live and work in Kauai, HI and we are not retired millionaires.  At least, not yet. And we don't have any debt. How do we do it? We pay ourselves, not banks. We can hike or swim with gorgeous views nearly any weekend we choose. It is a blessing to have paradise so accessible. Although, living in Kekaha, HI in Kauai county is 47% more expensive than the average US city,…


Introduction to Mary Cecilia Coaching

This was one of my first introduction videos when my husband and I launched our business.  He is the one behind the camera.  Of course, he thinks it is cute, so I didn't delete it.  We did work hard to create it.  Even though I have slightly changed my direction, the foundation of how I want to contribute is still rooted in the same values. *This video was recorded in August 2016 when I started my coaching. Here is an…

Corina’s Passionate Journey from Depression to Leadership

  • February 18, 2017
  • Life

The Being Wellness Community came out of a desire to bring people together from all walks of life who want to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives through health and wellness.  My intention is to share information that brings health and wellness into all aspects of our lives, not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually.  I believe there are many people who have gone through this journey and have figured out how to make health and wellness a priority.…


Do Goals and Intentions stress you out?

  • January 17, 2017
  • Life

What are your goals? What Goals?... Wait?... Huh?.... I am just gonna see what happens... whatever is meant to happen will happen. Goals stress me out! There is so much out there about goals and why they are important and why you need them.  You need a mission, an intention a purpose.  Many believe without them you are just wandering through life aimlessly without any direction, lost, confused and hopeless. There is so much emphasis on goals, goals, goals especially at the…


Building the Wall of Gratitude

  • November 20, 2016
  • Life

Building the Wall of Gratitude One of the best habits I have made is writing in my Gratitude Journal everyday. My sister gave me this journal for Christmas in 2010.  It took me 6 years to stay consistent, but I never gave up.  Now it is a solid habit and I feel a little off if I don't write my three things that I am grateful for before I sleep. These 5 mins everyday have accumulated into me realizing my…


Creating the baby that is Mary Cecilia Coaching

  • October 11, 2016
  • Life

I was starting to feel like my body was changing.  I thought I might be creating some extra weight, so out of curiosity I stepped on the scale... and I was in shock to find out I had gained 20 lbs since March… Yikes!  What does that mean?  OMG what am I doing?  My eating has not been that different, although my mom’s cooking is far more elaborate than my own.  And I do have access to unlimited Costco shopping…


When Self Improvement turns to Self Sabotage

  • August 30, 2016
  • Love

I have spent most of my life unsatisfied with my body, face, mannerisms, voice, social skills, intellect, energy level, you name it, very self-critical.  If I look deeply into my past, self improvement was motivated by a need to be somebody else.  An image that I thought would be acceptable to others, bring me friends and enough people around me so I didn’t need to feel lonely.  These changes, ideas and thought patterns were shaped by every little piece of…


Morning Movement Meditation instead of Exercise

When it comes to exercise routines, I embrace simple movement and avoid sameness.  I decided that if I gave myself strict guidelines about what I was going to do for exercise in any given day, I would be less likely to do it. As a dedicated member of many gyms, it was easy to get into a routine. I would do similar exercises for a period of time and then change those exercises every two weeks or every month. But…


How to add more veggies by juicing

Last year I invested in an OMEGA Juicer and it has been the best money I have spent.  I give my body a boost of micronutrients and energy that is better than caffeine.  By juicing, I get a head start on my daily veggie intake. Omega Juicers on Amazon I have been juicing for several years but I have been the most consistent over the last 9 months since my last 2 month detox (more about that to come later).…