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Do Goals and Intentions stress you out?

  • January 17, 2017
  • Life

What are your goals? What Goals?... Wait?... Huh?.... I am just gonna see what happens... whatever is meant to happen will happen. Goals stress me out! There is so much out there about goals and why they are important and why you need them.  You need a mission, an intention a purpose.  Many believe without them you are just wandering through life aimlessly without any direction, lost, confused and hopeless. There is so much emphasis on goals, goals, goals especially at the…


Creating the baby that is Mary Cecilia Coaching

  • October 11, 2016
  • Life

I was starting to feel like my body was changing.  I thought I might be creating some extra weight, so out of curiosity I stepped on the scale... and I was in shock to find out I had gained 20 lbs since March… Yikes!  What does that mean?  OMG what am I doing?  My eating has not been that different, although my mom’s cooking is far more elaborate than my own.  And I do have access to unlimited Costco shopping…