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Introduction to Mary Cecilia Coaching

This was one of my first introduction videos when my husband and I launched our business.  He is the one behind the camera.  Of course, he thinks it is cute, so I didn't delete it.  We did work hard to create it.  Even though I have slightly changed my direction, the foundation of how I want to contribute is still rooted in the same values. *This video was recorded in August 2016 when I started my coaching. Here is an…


Creating the baby that is Mary Cecilia Coaching

  • October 11, 2016
  • Life

I was starting to feel like my body was changing.  I thought I might be creating some extra weight, so out of curiosity I stepped on the scale... and I was in shock to find out I had gained 20 lbs since March… Yikes!  What does that mean?  OMG what am I doing?  My eating has not been that different, although my mom’s cooking is far more elaborate than my own.  And I do have access to unlimited Costco shopping…