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Introduction To Mary Cecilia Coaching

This was one of my first introduction videos when my husband and I launched our business.  He is the one behind the camera.  Of course, he thinks it is cute, so I didn’t delete it.  We did work hard to create it.  Even though I have slightly changed my direction, the foundation of how I want to contribute is still rooted in the same values.

*This video was recorded in August 2016 when I started my coaching.

Here is an introduction to my new direction even though I am still exploring the roads coaching and accounting will take me.  What I know is that I am great at organizing and keeping my life simple.  I found simple ways to manage money.  My relationship trusting, deep and simply heartfelt.  Implementing simple health habits give me the energy to feed my passion. This direction birthed a Simple Living guide to Health, Love, Money, Life.

Introduction to my new plan

My plan is to write what I know in these four buckets to help you weed out the complexities of your life.  I tend to feel better after cleaning or organizing my space.  Have you ever noticed how calm you feel when you enter a hotel room.  Why do you think that is?  You might think it is because your tired and it is a safe place to crash.  Or you are on vacation and it is normal to feel calm.  It could be those nice open spaces with everything organized, easy to access and simplicity that makes you feel good.

If something is too complicated we are less likely to follow through.  If relationships are complicated you want to run away from it, give up, break it off.  Who needs that drama in your life.  Where do you think that drama comes from?  How are you creating drama in your own life?

If you make your exercise or diet so complicated that you need 20 ingredients to make dinner or 10 pieces of equipment to move for 30 mins, you will last 3 days tops.

Simple is the new black.  It is chic and cool and everyone is doing it.  Now is the time to make it happen for yourself.