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How To Add More Veggies By Juicing


Last year I invested in an OMEGA Juicer and it has been the best money I have spent.  I give my body a boost of micronutrients and energy that is better than caffeine.  By juicing, I get a head start on my daily veggie intake.

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I have been juicing for several years but I have been the most consistent over the last 9 months since my last 2 month detox (more about that to come later).

One of my favorite routines is juicing fresh veggies for me and my family in the morning.  Mary’s Juice Bar opens every morning at 7:30 am and my family awaits the delivery a cheerful “Good Morning” and a glass of fresh sweetness.

We call it our “Morning Juice Tonic”

I often use a combination of carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon, cilantro, spinach, kale, beets and star fruit from our tree outside.  I enjoy changing it up with different combos keeping the fruits/high sugar veggies to a minimum.  Featured here is a juice with carrots, celery, bell pepper, green apple, lemon and ginger…

An immunity boosting juicing combination loaded with vitamin C.

When I juice regularly and maintain a healthy sleep and eating routine I am focused and ready to support my daily work schedule.

If you are interested in getting more veggies into your body, boosting your morning energy and infusing more micronutrients into your cells, this is how you can get started if you have never juiced before.

  • Start off with a less expensive juicer ($50 – $100) to see if you are ready to commit to the routine.  If you stick to it for a year, you can upgrade to an OMEGA.
  • Prepare your veggies the night before and put them in a ziplock baggie with a paper towel.  If you’re like me, motivation can be just a tad lower in the mornings, preparation will go a long way towards making it a habit.
  • When you wake up, splash a little water on your face and head to the kitchen.
  • Juice and enjoy.  As you drink, take in all the flavors and breathe in the day.
  • 2o mins later you can eat a healthy breakfast of your choice.

If you are already a juice fanatic like me, I would love to hear your veggie combos and why you love them.